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5 Must Have Shoes for the Winter Season

Transitioning from summer to winter in Australia is always tough. You have to say goodbye to those evening barbecues on the beach and Sunday afternoons spent by the pool. But at least you can have fun with a winter wardrobe. Winter is the season when you get to experiment with layers and treat your feet to an entirely different shoe wardrobe.

Here are five footwear must-haves for this winter.

Sheepskin boots. For when you are running errands on the weekend but you still want to look stylish, sheepskin boots such as Ugg boots Canberra are the number one choice. The sheepskin lining against your skin will feel like absolute comfort. After a summer of opened toe shoes and heels, feeling the furry lining of these boots against your skin is a heavenly treat.

Black ankle boots. In the winter time, you tend to wear a lot of jeans, and so it's important to have shoes that can match with your various pairs of jeans. Black ankle boots are fantastic because they can be paired with white, blue, black, and grey jeans, and they still allow the whole length of the jeans to show. Black ankle boots can also be teamed with skirts; just be sure to wear tights in the winter!

Brown riding boots. For more of a statement daytime look, brown riding boots are the way to go. If you invest in some high quality leather, brown riding boots will last you far longer than just one season. These look best when teamed with really skinny blue jeans and some kind of knitwear on top. Depending on your style, you might opt for a more casual looking light tan leather or a darker colour with buckles for a fiercer look.

Lace up brogues. Brogues aren't just for guys - they offer a classic element to an outfit for women too, and like black ankle boots, they are extremely versatile. They can be worn with jeans, skirts, and trousers, and the best thing of all is that they can dress up an outfit and they are super comfortable at the same time – a huge relief from the stilettos of summertime.

Black heels. The winter season is not all about wrapping up for the cold weather, because winter season is also party season. And this means that you need a pair of versatile heels that can do the job for you in any kind of function. A round-toed black heel is always a good choice – and you could choose patent leather, suede, or a matte finish based on your personal taste.