Stylish Shopping: What To Buy And Where To Find It

How to Choose the Right Workout Clothing

When you wear the right clothing, it can make the difference in between an hour of misery or a completely enjoyable workout. When you invest in stylish workout clothing, which is also comfortable, you may have the ideal motivation to help you get moving. No matter if you are working in your home, heading for the hills or hitting the gym, your workout clothing needs to work for you.

Your initial thought may be to purchase cotton; however, the more that you sweat during your exercise the more weighed down your clothing will feel. During the summer this can prevent your body from being able to cool properly and during the winter damp clothes will keep you cold.

When you are beginning to pick out your workout shirts, there are certain considerations to make, which are highlighted here.


You should avoid any rough types of fabrics that will irritate or chafe your skin when you participate in any type of repetitive movement. Sticking with rugby jerseys, or shirts made from jersey material is a smart option. You need to also choose a material that will allow you to move freely and not cause any type of restriction. It is important to pay close attention to the fit of the clothing, rather than the size, as there are some workout clothing options that are made a bit smaller and much tighter than your typical clothes. Consider purchasing clothing options that have only a small amount of spandex. This will provide you with a larger range of motion while you exercise and a comfortable fit without being skin-tight.

Ability to Wick Away Sweat

If you are participating in an activity where you will experience excessive perspiration, it is important that your bottom layer will help you stay comfortable and dry. A Lycra/polyester blend or some other type of synthetic material is preferable. This type of material will help you stay cool in the summer time and warm in the winter, even when you are wet.

Keep in mind, the workout gear you choose may make or break your entire workout. Taking time to consider the options that are available will help you choose the proper type of workout gear and ensure that you are comfortable, no matter what time of year it is. Jerseys, such as the ones worn for cycling, are ideal since they help to keep you cool and offer a tighter fit that will not get in the way of your activities.