Stylish Shopping: What To Buy And Where To Find It

Two items to buy if you want to make your intimate experiences with your partner more pleasurable

There are plenty of products which can help you to improve your love life. Here are two items that you might want to pick up during your next shopping trip.


Physical friction can be quite uncomfortable. If you or your partner experience friction-induced skin irritation during an intimate encounter, it can bring your romantic activities to a halt and leave both of you feeling disappointed and unsatisfied.

Using a lubricant when you are being physically intimate with your partner can significantly increase the amount of pleasure that you both derive from this experience, as it almost entirely eliminates friction.

It's important not to simply pick up the first lubricant product you come across during your shopping trip, but to instead peruse all of the available offerings and make sure that the one you end up purchasing is a good choice for you and your lover. There are a wide variety of lubricants for sale and some may be more suitable for your needs than others.

Online stores like Club X, for example, sell several different types of lubricant, most of which fall into one of three categories: flavoured, water-based and silicone-based.

Flavoured lubricants are designed for oral romantic activities and are a good option if you want to ensure that the lubricant you and your partner use will be safe and pleasant to taste.

Silicone-based lubricants are ideal if you want to take a romantic bath or dip in the pool with your lover, as these will remain effective even in watery environments. However, it's important to note that they should not be used on adult toys that are made from silicone. The lubricant tends to solidify on the surface of these types of toys to the point where it cannot be cleaned off.

If you and your partner often use adult toys during your intimate encounters, a water-based lubricant may be a better choice, as these are safe to use on objects made from silicone.

Massage oil

Using massage oil to give and receive massages is a wonderful way to create a stronger emotional bond with your partner. It can be especially helpful if you or your lover are shy or self-conscious, as it provides you with the opportunity to gently and lovingly explore and get to know each other's bodies.

Shops have a wide array of massage oils to choose from. When deciding which one to buy, you should take you and your lover's scent preferences into consideration, as well as your flavour preferences (if the oil is edible).

Additionally, if either of you has any allergies or skin sensitivity issues, make sure to check that oil you want to buy is free from any ingredients that are likely to cause irritation when applied you or your partner's skin.